The Gift

Learn how to identify your partner's intimacy language

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all look into a crystal ball and see our partner's understanding of intimacy, relationship and the future.

Maybe it would be better though to look into their brain and understand how words, emotions, touch, intimacy, clothing, colour, style, ambiance, fantasy and choices are based on brain preference, triggers, experiences, nurturing and behavioural patterns.

Perhaps you would like to improve your sex life or explore new alleys of sexuality, perhaps you just want to bring back the spark and the We have designed sensual coaching sessions which offers insight into one of the most powerful and vulnerable areas of a relationship. We will take you and your partner on a fun, exciting and eye-opening journey of awareness and understanding of your own unique EQ behavioural profile pattern.

Join FICS Petals upcoming event, 3 days couple retreat, 5 December 2018