A spanish painter of the New School of Paris.

Born in Spain, he moved with his family to Algeria. He then moved to Argentina and the US with his brother. In 1920 he travelled to Paris where he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts alongside jobs that he did to help him surviving. Doing quite well, he became comfortable and started collecting works by important masters (Degas, Picasso, Vlaminck, Modigliani). In 1949 Parra returned to South America, exhibiting in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Lima and then in Mexico in 1951. His work is figurative and simple, consisting of thick dark lines that cut through color fields form. Some of his works are found in collections of institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the National Gallery (Prague), the Museum of Modern Art (Sao Paulo), the National Museum Reina Sofia (Madrid) or the Museum of Fine-Arts (Bilbao)