Lucien VOGT

Born in New-York in 1891. Shortly before 1904 his family moved to France and settled in Mulhouse from 1904 to 1910

André Léon VIVREL

Decided that he would be a painter at the age of fifteen. After some initial reservation, his family were favourable.

Yasushi TANAKA

Japanese-born artist. As soon as he completed his primary education, Tanaka left home and emigrated to Seattle in 1904

Henri-Alexandre SOLLIER

Entered the Académie Julian in 1906. A painter, draughtsman and lithographer, he was born in Bagnolet, near Paris, and was also graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts.

Jean-Claude SARDOU

Born in Nice and spent most of his life in France. He painted outdoors and had Courbet as a referent.

Pierre NOURY

a French painter, engraver, illustrator and writer.

Philippe LONG

Born in Bordeaux where he died too. He studied in various academies (Paris, Florence) and worked as a teacher at the admiralty of Bizerte and then in Bordeaux.