The Loja story

At Nando’s we’ve always believed in sharing and being generous, and from our earliest days, we’ve loved giving gifts to our Family and friends. But our gifts weren’t always as good as our chicken, so we got to work on changing that and in 2011 Loja – which is Portuguese for shop – was born. 2012 saw us opening our doors in Central Kitchen, South Africa – with T-shirts, some luggage and kitchenware on the shelves. Little did we know that these exciting times would become even more exciting!

Lucky for us, Nandocas loved the merchandise and began asking for goods that would express their Nando’s love and pride. Before we knew it, we’d moved from creating beautiful gifts to making culture merchandise that celebrated the Nando’s Values.There’s no adding our logo onto generic, bulk-bought corporate merchandise. Instead, each item we produce is carefully created and lovingly made with great attention to detail and a sprinkling of Nando’s wit and charm added for good measure.

We try as far as possible to pay homage to our roots by sourcing our goods from Southern Africa. We also only work with suppliers that share our Values – and often partner with previously disadvantaged companies that may be small in size but big on talent. Many of our goods are personalised and where possible contain our unique PERi-Thread.  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Because that’s another story. One deserving of a telling of its own.

Meet the team

Palesa Tshabalala

I’m Palesa – General Manager, Brand Experience and passionate Nandoca. I’m here to ensure that our Loja products aren’t just beautiful and created with purpose in mind; but that they’re also aligned with Nandocas’ and Nando’s business needs.

Lanie Arnold

My official title is Loja Finance Manager. I also like dabbling in operations and logistics from time to time and love helping my team with the day-to-day running of our department. 

John Walters

I manage and oversee the financial and operational aspects of Loja. I’m also involved in strategy implementation and overseeing the general day-to-day functioning of our team. 

Craig Hodgkiss

I’m your go-to guy on local and international sales. I enjoy working on bespoke projects with our Nando’s family around the globe and I’d love to work on some cool stuff with you.  

Anya Turner

I love working on all custom-made gifting/eventing projects.  I’m passionate about supporting small local business and pushing the boundaries on design and print techniques. 

Sheldon Duke

I take pride in dressing Loja and assisting with stock-taking in the warehouse. I’m a proud member of the team and you’ll find me around CK with a friendly smile and a willingness to assist.  

Malik Camposreal

I’m in charge of Loja and that includes keeping accurate stock counts and dispatching and receiving orders. On occasion, you’ll find me helping in the shop too!

Belinda Ansar

I’m the Lojista (shopkeeper in Portuguese) at CK. I love chatting to everybody who walks through our doors and am happy to help with orders, gifting and wrapping.

Ria Poortvliet

I have a passion for embroidery – especially personalisation. Please pop in to chat about how we can make your Loja merchandise unique to you, because the sky’s the limit!

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