PERi-Thread is no ordinary thread. It tells a story no other thread could tell. It’s one that starts on the PERi-Farms of Southern Africa, where our beloved African Bird’s Eye Chillies grow towards the sun. Most of these fiery little chillies become PERi-PERi, but not all. You’ll soon find out why.

At Nando’s we’ve always had a saying that it’s about the people that make the Chicken. We wanted to find a way to combine our two great loves – our Nandocas and our PERi-PERi Chicken – that would remind us of the Values we live and the dreams we dream – no matter where on earth we found ourselves.

So, together with some incredible scientists (who have way more know-how than us), we set about creating PERI-Thread. Figuring out how to extract the essence from our beloved chillies to create this special thread was no easy feat. But, we got there in the end!

The next step was to set up a laboratory at Central Kitchen, where we extract this precious essence. It then goes to our trusted thread manufacturer in Cape Town, where it’s infused into cotton before being spun into PERi-Thread.

A symbol of our connectedness as a Family, you’ll see this incredible thread on much of our Loja merchandise and uniforms across the globe and we hope it will make you smile. Because it’s there to connect us and remind us, that no matter how far apart we are, we’re always together, bound one heart to another.


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