Wearing our heart on our masks

When Covid-19 struck, our team at Loja wanted to do something positive. Not just in a way that would help Nandocas around the world, but in a way that would make us feel connected too.

Making masks using PERi-Thread felt like the perfect fit. Our special thread – which is a symbol of our family and what binds us together – would unite us in our common fight and let us know that we’re not alone – no matter where on earth we are.

And so, we approached Ko-Op – a small Cut, Make and Trim in Lorentzville South Africa, close to Central Kitchen to make them for us. Ko-Op employs young designers who they upskill and train to make garments – from concept through to delivery. They also support seamstresses from the community.

Since then, our PERi-Thread masks have travelled far and wide – reminding us all that we’re in this together. More than helping us stay safe, they’ve helped support small business, their employees and extended families too. So, the next time you cover up, do so with Pride, knowing that your mask has helped feed many others. And even though it’s undercover, let the fact that we’re Changing Lives, Together, put a smile on your dial!


When Nelson Mandela raised his hand to make a fist, it was a symbol of his fight for unity. For

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