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We defy the expectations set by Maxim or Playboy; we’re anything but predictable. Maverick embodies a world that goes far beyond. Our focus revolves around empowering and driven women who make a profound impact through their individual identities. Our models artfully express their sensuality, presenting it with creativity and grace. They build extensive networks within the realms of business, art, and entertainment across the globe. Our selection criteria isn’t bound by rigid standards but driven by confidence, freeing our models from the confines of societal norms.

Our ‘Mavericks’ go beyond mere modeling and representation; they possess ownership over every aspect of what is read, seen, or shared. These businesswomen take pride in their multifaceted roles as models, as they embrace diverse forms of content creation. They embody the essence of empowerment and confidently shape the narrative of our magazine.

Each edition of our magazine showcases a singular cover girl, the ‘Maverick.’ These exceptional individuals have the privilege of handpicking their preferred photographer and/or production house. In return, the production team receives a recurring production fee for each project completed, extending throughout the lifespan of the content. This means that every click, reader, mention, or share becomes a source of earnings for both the model and the photographer, mirroring the revenue streams enjoyed by artists with their music albums. We aspire to create a legacy unparalleled by any magazine or production, along with a groundbreaking monetisation platform that we believe will revolutionise the industry for models and production teams worldwide.