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We specialise in
marketing, design,
digital Solutions,
productions and events.


We represent the next level of creative consultancy, based on business competencies integrated with strategic imagination.

We explore your business and its surroundings to examine the implications of every visual choice, and create new experiences based on thorough analysis. For the past 10 years, we have created brands that have achieved international recognition and success we’ve collaborated with doctors, artists, inventors, scientists, and business leaders – to discover the unknown and to show the unseen.

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meet the team

nicolas de sousa

A master of impression, personality and tact, this dogmatic patriot presents dynamic involvement that is holistic; always a just form of vision imposed with the capability of solidarity within any organisation. Skilfull, intelligent and honourable has this vocal extremist leaving the weak vulnerable and the courageous willing to take that extra step into what is without a doubt, the social tool to develop trend.

A Poetic inventor of his own will enables him to forecast a development plan that is full proof against any obstacle

daniela de sousa

Idealistic and strong-willed, she challenges the ordinary and compliments the workmanship of her team.

Marketing is her tier of strength while development and leadership come second to none. Loyal to her decree, you will not be disappointed with an ever remarkable ability to transform bland crops into heavenly masterpieces.

brandon mckay

A graphic designer qualified from AAA school of advertising, Brandon had a few years of big agency experience before deciding that he wanted to start his own agency.

Armed with a macbook and a vision to create an agency that produced design that payed attention to detail  and met clients needs, he started and ran a design agency with a partner for the better part of 13 years before merging with Rebels Playground.

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